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About Harvest To House


Taking the hassle out of eating healthy!

Ever wonder why your grocery store tomatoes don’t exactly taste like a tomato? Or why their cantaloupes don’t smell like cantaloupes? Large chain produce retailers have to purchase large quantities of fruits and vegetables that are often grown in other countries. The produce is then shipped thousands of miles to the retailer. In order for a fruit or vegetable to provide you with the most nutrients and best flavor, it needs to be left on the vine until almost reaching full ripeness. It is impossible for grocery stores to obtain vine-ripened anything and have it on the shelves before it spoils. To eliminate this dilemma, the growers will harvest the produce long before it is ready, leaving the consumers with unsatisfactory options to purchase.

Many frustrated grocery store shoppers are turning to farmer’s markets for better quality fruits and veggies. We have been in the farmer’s market business for many years and continually hear how drastic the difference is between truly fresh produce and that on the shelves of the supermarkets. However, the tricky part about getting to the farmers market is getting there before they sell out of what you are looking for. Striving to provide the best service possible to our loyal customers, we decided to find a solution to the inconvenience of buying healthy fruits and vegetables. Ordering your Harvest To House box will eliminate the struggle of having to hunt for fresh, local produce delivery Denton County and ensure that farmer’s market quality food is delivered right to your door!

Local Produce Delivery Denton County

We are not the only company that had the produce delivery idea, and maybe you are wondering which one is right for you. Allow us to help you with that decision. We have a farm in Ponder, TX where we plant, grow and harvest fruits and vegetables. Our beef is also bred and raised on our farm. Because we are providing you with our product instead of sourcing all of it, you receive the freshest local produce available. There are no commitments to join. You do not have to worry about trying to get to a pick-up location on time—we bring it to your door by offering local produce delivery Denton County. All of our boxes are completely customizable.

We are a family business that works hard around the clock to provide excellent produce and top notch customer service. Everyone at Harvest to House is passionate about the work we do each day and continually strives to ensure the quality service our customers deserve.

New Greenhouses

We have added nine greenhouses to increase our product offerings and extend our growing season. Items coming from the greenhouses this year include hydroponic lettuces, Swiss chard, carrots, tatsoi, herbs, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, and peppers.

All Natural Limousin Beef

Our cattle are bred and raised right here on our farm. Limousin cattle are raised for their naturally lean beef and great flavor. We do not use hormones or steroids. Our beef can be purchased through our online store and delivered to your door.